September 27,2009


While Joel was taking our Chinese friends back to the training center, I decided to have a nice hot candlelight bath. I turned on the water and set out to get my candles. I got the big candle and lit it. Joel had given me a wooden candle tray that holds eight tea candles. When I went to retrieve it, I noticed that all the wicks had been broken off. It looked like the work of ………HUDSON.



Well, that was alright. One big candle would do the trick. I decided to put the last of my tranquil mint stress relief oil in my water and discovered that my water was COLD. Somebody had been adjusting the knobs on the hot water heater…HUDSON. This was not the first time. It’s as if he just can’t help himself. So, I had to wait until the water heated back up. Kinda blew the whole mood. I needed enough hot water to heat up the cold water I had already drawn. There was no way that I was draining the existing water. It contained the last of my tranquil mint stress relief oil.



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