Just another Tuesday

The boys came over this morning in time to hear dawn crack. They were able to find their way with the help of their cow flashlights that light up and moo when their tails are squeezed. Joel cut up a banana for them. Of course they it on the floor. Joel said, “Watch out you dropped some on the floor and you’re about to step in it.” Hudson looked down and said, “Oh, I sorry, nanna.”



A little later we headed to the Azalea Trail, or what the boys call the big, big woods.

They know that the yellow paint on the trees means that we are on the trail.

They tried to balance on logs….

studied raccoon poop.



They learned the names of some wildflowers,


then headed back to the car.

Back at the Mammy house, they finished out the morning in the sand pile with Matilda.

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