Laid-back day

It’s been a pretty laid-back day. In fact, it started off that way…you could feel it in the air. Even Sassafras sensed it.

Matilda and I went to Tractor Supply for more feed. Then I cleaned out rabbit cages and installed a new feed trough for the goats.

Laura and the boys dropped by to show me a caterpillar that they had found. They visited for a little while and then went on their way.

A little later I loaded up my bike and went to Indian Creek. I parked at the headquarters and rode through the park. The campground was almost full. It’s a beautiful weekend to enjoy being outside. There were people sitting around fires, and kids playing football . This guy had taken his golden retriever for an outing.


I had a good time peddling through the Louisiana landscape. I also made an important geographical discovery……

Evidently, the Louisiana coastline was at one time close to Woodworth.

One thought on “Laid-back day

  1. I’m so happy to find about your blog! I read all entries out loud to A.J. We look forward to more of the same. We are truly blessed to count you as one of our friends.


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