A space in time

It is rare to have people from four continents visit you at the same time. At least, it’s rare for us. I feel honored that God chose our place for them to experience an American picnic. About one third of them spoke no English (just Chinese), and most of the rest of them spoke very little English (mostly Portuguese). But it wasn’t awkward. You don’t have to speak someone’s language to enjoy them.

Doran taught some of the Chinese to play bocce ball.

Americans, Angolans and Chinese enjoyed a game of volley ball.


Joel shared his grill with Geoffrey, who is from the northern part of England.

Matilda, who spoke everyone’s language, perused the place in search of unwanted food.

Joyce and Doran tossed horseshoes.

In the book of Acts, Paul talks about how God chooses the time period and the place that each individual lives. But, on October 24, 2009, He created a space in time when people from around the world came to our house. I don’t think it was by chance, but by divine design. I like what Christian Maynell said. “But, oh, what I might learn should I dare to look from God’s view …”

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