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When Josh was small, I bought a child’s harness for him to wear when we were shopping. Actually, it was for me as much as it was for him. It gave Josh a sense of freedom and provided me with peace of mind. I told him it was a mountain climbing outfit and he loved it. When he was a little older he handed down this mountain climbing outfit to his little brother, who loved it as well.

When we decided to take the family on a trip to the Smokey Mountains, I thought that it would be a great idea to get harnesses for the twins. Guess what? You can’t find the things. Oh, you can find cutesy ones that look like a monkey with a long tail for a leash, but not serious harnesses. And certainly not harnesses built to provide freedom and peace of mind. Then Sunday I spotted some. They are put out by the American Kennel Club. That’s right, dog harnesses. Nothing is too good for my grandchildren.


They work like a charm! They fit great! And best of all the boys love them…I told them they were mountain climbing outfits. On our way into Target in Birmingham, a young mother asked where we got them. When I told her that they were dog harnesses, she said, “Well they look good.”

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