No room in the inn

We left Woodworth right on time and headed to Meridian Mississippi. Joel and I had stayed in a Hampton Inn there on our Smokey’s trip in April. We had not made reservations. As a matter of fact, we had not made reservations on our previous trips and everything had always worked out. But THIS TIME, when we arrived there at midnight, there was no room in the Inn. Some sort of light and power convention was going on and there was no room in any inn in Meridian. We had to drive thirty more miles to a Comfort Inn in Livingston, Alabama. Had there been no room there, I would have gladly slept in a manger in the nearest barn. However, everything worked out fine and that put us a little ahead for the next leg of our journey.

The twins enjoyed their stay at the Comfort Inn. They were especially excited about the continental breakfast. Josh fulfilled his responsibility as the milk monitor, avoiding any unnecessary messes.


Then, after letting them run in the corner of the parking lot, we were once again on our way to the big, big mountains.

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