Ready to wok


On Sunday six of the Chinese spending time at ERTC will be at our house to cook. They’re not cooking for us, you understand, even though we’ll get to share the meal with them. They’re cooking because they miss their OWN food. Only one of them speaks English and that’s alright. That’s the way it was with the group that came in September. This time Lily will be doing the interpreting.

This picture of her was taken when the whole group came in October.

We thought that this time we would be a little better prepared, so we bought

a couple of Professional non-stick woks and some non-stick friendly utensils.

In addition, we bought a few knives. We’ve needed new knives for a long time and this gave us a good excuse because the Chinese do a lot of tedious prep work.

We look forward to sharing our home with them, and hope that what God has blessed us with, will be a blessing to them as well.

One thought on “Ready to wok

  1. Oh wow! So are we invited this time? Josh missed out last time!
    And by the way…y’all ruined a good gift. Me and Josh wanted to buy Joel a wok. Oh well, we’ll figure out something else 🙂

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