Winter wonderland

We woke up this morning to a snow covered landscape and twenty nine degrees. It was a little cool, but very beautiful. I think that our mayhaw orchard was most spectacular…and that’s where we went to play.

Denton and Joel came to the house to get me, which caused the boys to be separated for a good five minutes.

But you would have thought it had been days.

Hudson and Denton worked at making a snowman

who wasn’t much interested in cooperating with them.

As usual, Nikki took a lot of pictures.

There was golf cart riding

and, of course, texting. I think everyone had a ball…

even Matilda.

2 thoughts on “Winter wonderland

  1. So glad that you are journaling cause I’m not that disciplined. Love the pictures and all the comments. Billy and I spent most of this beautiful day indoors while he’s recuperating from a cold and then a reaction to his migraine medication. He doesn’t like to be alone while suffering, so he makes me suffer too. Ha.

    • I hope Billy is feeling better…for both of your sakes. Maybe one evening during this season you two could come over for a nice quiet supper…just the four of us. I’ll call you.

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