Orange gravy is for big people

Last Friday the boys turned three years old. But, like someone once said, “Don’t you know that three is the new two?” I think that perhaps they were right.


This morning they came over, and since it was raining, they watched a little television.

Last night I taped off a section of one of the laundry room walls and painted it with chalkboard paint.

So, while they were here, they did a little chalk drawing.


Denton was so pleased with his work that he took a picture of it. And, bless their little hearts,


they even drew a chicken!

When it came time for lunch, I fixed them some rice with a red gravy.

Hudson ate his. But Denton said,


“I don’t like orange gravy, o.k. Orange gravy is for big people, not for little people. I’m not going to eat it.”

“I don’t like orange gravy, I only like white.” Guess what…he didn’t have lunch.

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