Scary Jack Frost



We have actually had winter this year! Normally, it only snows here about every five years, but we have had three snows in a little over one year.

This season it snowed in November,

then again in February. We’ve also had a lot of really big frosts. Hudson and Denton have been very curious about “Scary Jack Frost”. (I’m not sure why they call him that.) One night when they were staying here, they asked me to sing them a song about Scary Jack Frost and Coco…our cat. So, I made up a song. They’ve learned it and we sing it together. These are the words.

Scary Jack Frost has icicles for his hair

Scary Jack Frost wears red long underwear

He sneaks around at night and paints the ground all white

He dances in the trees blowing frost on limbs and leaves

Then on our window panes he writes his silly name

And hurries home before the break of dawn

How do we know? Coco told us so

When she was hunting mice she said she saw him twice

That’s how we know, Coco told us so

That’s how we know about that old Jack Frost


Who knows? Maybe she has seen him.



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