Plan B

The boys came over this morning, and when the time came to take our walk

it had started to rain, so we went to the barn to feed the animals instead.

We fed the goats first because they were the loudest.

Next, we took care of the little chickens and rabbits. When it was time to feed the other chickens, the boys were a little hesitant.

They said they were afraid of the big chicken

who isn’t a chicken, and couldn’t pass for one if he tried. Then Denton spied the little white silkie, who was sitting on her nest and being very, very still.

He said, “Aww, look at the little chicken, she’s…, she’s… dead.”

One thought on “Plan B

  1. Susan, Rachel and I just finished looking at your blog–we really enjoyed all the pictures and comments–the boys are just precious and it sure reminded me of when my two granddaughters were that age and I sure do miss it but we have passed on to another phase of our lives and theirs and we are enjoying that too. We also watched the you tube AJ Kweez–that was hilarious too. I will keep checking to see some more posting on both of those sites. Really,really enjoyed them. Love, Nidette

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