If you can’t spit, you can’t fish

Wednesday, after eating breakfast at the Riverstone Family Restaurant,

Joel and I went to Little River Outfitters to buy flies for our day of fly fishing. Of course we didn’t check our gear before we put on our fishing costumes.

After getting all dressed up, we realized that the line on our reels was not up to par…so off with the costumes and back to Little River Outfitters. Thank goodness we had not ventured far from Townsend.

Not only did the nice lady at the counter fix our line problem, she also tied our flies on. Joel asked, “Aren’t you supposed to spit on that line when you tie it?” The lady said, “You sure are, but I was being courteous since it’s not my line. If you can’t spit, you can’t fish.”

We didn’t catch anything…

but it was sure a good excuse to play in the water.


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