Finding True North


I bought each of the boys a compass. They know that they can use them to see which direction they’re going and that if they stand still long enough the arrow with the red tip will point north…whatever that is. Being still is the issue…and being patient enough to wait until the arrow has come to a complete stop. (That’ll preach.) But then, guess what. The arrow doesn’t point to true north. It points to magnetic north, which depending on where you are, might not even be close to true north. Go figure….which is exactly what you would have to do. Just having an idea about direction isn’t good enough if you’re on a serious journey, and you know what…..we all are. We need to be in tune with true north and not put our trust in something that might pull us off course. If we’re walking in the light, we can rely on the sun to help us find true north. If we’re in the dark, once again, we’ll need to look up. We’ll need to find the pole star, the star around which all others seem to rotate. This star is part of a constellation that is emblematic of the kingdom of our Lord, Ursa Minor, or Jesus’ Lesser Flock. A compass is very handy, but the most accurate direction is obtained by looking toward heaven.

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