It’s been a while since my last post, so I thought that an update would be in order.

Hudson and Denton are now five and a half and serving as pastors of a small church.

Well, actually, they just got new outfits for Adam and Laura’s wedding.

Adam and Laura were married on the front lawn of Loyd Hall Plantation on May 12th.

The boys weren’t the only ones with new outfits.

Joel and I almost had to wear name tags for our friends to recognize us. By the way, the man with gray hair and glasses is Laura’s great grandfather, Mr. Woodrow Young. He is ninety nine and WALKED down the aisle to his front row seat.

Josh and Nikki are expecting their third child in August.

This ONE is a girl and her name will be Josie Lynn.

I took up welding a little over a year ago, and in a couple of weeks hope to have a new welding shop/studio on the hill overlooking the pond and Josh’s daylilies.

This piece is called “Heart Set Free”.

A friend and I are making metal salmon to raise money for Alaska missions.

We are cutting some of them out of old truck hoods.

This is part of our ‘Salmon From The Hood’ series. So far we have finished ten pieces that are on their way to Alaska….and we will be too, on July 17th.

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