Even if you are a super hero

Josh and Nikki went to Shreveport for a few days to daylily regionals, so the grandparents did some tag team babysitting. The boys spent most of their time in their super hero costumes.

Sunday morning, about five minutes before Josh and Nikki returned, Batman (Denton), informed me that Superman (Hudson) had swallowed my mother-in-law’s hearing aid battery.

After calling a doctor friend and checking the internet, we discovered that this was not something to just ‘pass off’.

Therefore, a trip to the E.R. was in order. When we told Hudson he had to see a doctor, he said, “Oh no, they’ll cut my throat.”(This was something that his Meme had told him to try to keep him from putting things in his mouth.) When we mentioned that we were taking him to the E.R., he said, “NEW YORK?!!!” But, I don’t think he was disappointed.

He jumped through all the normal hoops to get to a room.

Once in the room, he got settled,

and did a little deep breathing.

Then he went to Radiation for some x-rays….

only to find out that he only thought
he had swallowed a hearing aid battery. So…I called Joel, who found the battery on the couch.

The moral of the story is this….don’t put a hearing aid battery in your mouth

even if you are a super hero.

Diddid a little