It only took seven tries

I don’t think that I would have the patience to be a photographer; or at least the kind of photographer that deals with groups of people. It’s hard to get everyone to do what you want them to do at the same time.

As you know, my son Adam got married last month. After the ceremony, fourteen of us were summoned to the front steps of Loyd Hall Plantation for a group picture.

Of course there was the bride,

the mother of the bride,

the father of the bride,

the brother of the bride,

the grandmother of the groom,

the sister in law,

one nephew and, last but not least,


the other nephew.

Of course there were some who really wanted to get this thing over with and cooperated very well. I don’t feel the need to point them out; except for the grandmother of the bride,

who struck a pose and never moved a muscle.

I guess that getting eleven out of fourteen to work together was not bad…and it only took seven tries.