Two pairs are all you need

Three weeks from today, my friend Shawn and I will be traveling to Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula to take part in a short term mission project.

We will be participating in what is called Salmon Frenzy.

Salmon Frenzy is a service project to Alaskan residents who are dip-netting sockeye salmon on the beaches of Cook Inlet near the mouth of the Kenai River.

For a while now, I have been considering how much stuff I should pack and what to pack that stuff in. We’ve decided against checking any luggage, so our bags need to be light enough to run with in the case that we find ourselves in a race against time. So, just how much stuff do we really need?

There is a verse in Matthew that has stirred my curiosity for some time…and perhaps provides a solution to my dilemma. In chapter ten, Jesus is selecting and sending out workers, and amid His instructions we find this statement:

And do not take a provision bag or a wallet for a collection bag, nor two undergarments, nor sandals, nor a staff… (Matthew 10:9-10, the Amplified Bible)

HOW SIMPLE IS THAT! On one hand, this verse is very freeing. On the other hand, it is disturbing…especially the undergarment part. But, if you’re one who takes the Bible literally, what choice do you have?

I, however, am not one of those. I believe that the Bible is inspired by God and that it represents Truth. I believe that Jesus was telling these guys not to let their stuff overload their mission. He was instructing them to go only with what was necessary because He had their backs. And, that’s just what I’m going to do.

So…I got on the internet and placed an order to Tilley Endurables.

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