She can decide for herself

I’ve been working on a painting for a lady in Bay City, Texas. She saw a painting that I did 34 years ago and really liked it. I was going to sell it to her until we realized that my oldest son was attached to it. So I offered to do another one for her.

It’s a painting of an old black lady walking through her chicken yard with a shotgun in her hand,

although I’m not sure why.

Perhaps she’s after Sunday dinner. Maybe, she’s after what’s after Sunday dinner.

Or maybe she’s like Mrs. Willie McMain (who has since crossed over to the other side). She told my daddy that sometimes she would wave her pistol out the back door and fire it, just so she could hear it go off.

Whatever the case, the painting is finished. And that lady from Bay City, Texas…

can decide for herself what this woman is doing with that shotgun.

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