What was I thinking!

This morning I decided that I would create another stall for the goats, especially since Jasmine is not so sure of being in the same one with Willow and Rose. First I decided to build a gate that matched the one on the other stall. This meant that I would have to go to town and buy lumber…which I did.

I loaded and unloaded the lumber one piece at time to avoid straining myself.

Then, I started the process of measuring, cutting and assembling.

It wasn’t until I was almost done, that it occurred to me that that gate was going to weigh almost the total amount of that stack of lumber. And, I had to carry the thing to the barn…which I did with the help of my eighty four year old mother-in-law.

After about a twenty minute wrestling match,

which I won, the gate is now installed.

Looks pretty good, don’t you think? Now for phase two.

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