Hanging out with the guys

Yesterday was our day to keep the boys. Joel needed to go to Home Depot so, we all went. We figured that would take up at least an hour, and would be a much cooler place to chase those little guys.

We told them that they could pick out some tools, and they had fun making their selections.

Of course there was no reason for the fun to stop after they had done their shopping.

They even made sure the tools worked before checking out.

When we got back to the house, we moved their workbench into the shop where

they drilled holes in wood,

they drilled holes in steel,

and they worked on their hammering skills.

Later, they put on their Brother 1 and Brother 2 shirts and we took them to the hospital

to spend a little time

with their new sister… who we are pretty sure

will be able to play the piano with her toes.