I cut and I pasted

After the ‘baby came out’, as the boys would say, I was able to get back to a project that I had started. I had been asked  to make a garden ornament for a Methodist bishop that had just retired and moved back to New Mexico. It was to be something that would remind him and his wife of the Wesley Center.

The Wesley Center is only a little over four miles from my house and has a wonderful walking trail that follows a lake.

The trail, which is very well marked, is open to the public.

At the end of the trail, or the beginning depending on where you start, is the cross.

The cross towers above the lake and is one of the center’s most distinguishing landmarks.

Another distinguishing feature is the prayer labyrinth. Located not far from the cross,

the prayer labyrinth is a wonderful place to go for some quiet time.

So, with the cross and the labyrinth in mind,

I began to cut

and paste until I came up with

something that I thought said “Wesley Center”.

9 thoughts on “I cut and I pasted

  1. Finally had the computer long enough to admire your new art work. It is, as I expected, fantastic. We did share it with a couple of our ‘Methodist’ friends and they were equally impressed. Thanks for sharing. Dian

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