Oh the things you can do

As an art major, I was required to take several art history courses. We studied the different periods and styles of art beginning with those cave paintings in Lascaux, France and ending with what was going on in the twentieth century. As a part of the twentieth century stuff we learned about a style called Cubism. I’m going to define Cubism, but don’t bother to read the definition twice because it won’t make any better sense the second time around. Cubism is an early twentieth century art movement which amalgamated viewpoints of natural forms into a multifaceted surface of geometrical planes. Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque started the stuff, and it has never been a style that I have been a fan of. However, steel kind of lends itself to a cubistic style. So I decided to give it a whirl. Georges Braque used images of musical instruments in his work, and my family is musically inclined, so I decided to try sort of a Braque knock- off in steel. Well, sort of.

I went to the scrap iron yard, did a little dumpster diving,

and came home with this little pile of stuff. Then I went to work. I cut, I bent, I welded.



Oh, the things you can do with a pile of junk. Finally I came up with what I call

“Not Braque”. I’m still tweaking it a little. But you get the idea.



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