While we were waiting for Hurricane Isaac to possibly make a move in our direction, I decided to build a forge from a brake drum. I’ve had the brake drum for about a year and have used it as a mould to bend metal around. But, today was the day to turn it into a forge.

We went to town and purchased a flange and various lengths of threaded pipe.

I welded the flange to the bottom of the brake drum.

I welded the 2″pipe to the flange, since the flange was not threaded.

Then I was able to assemble the other pieces. I needed something to mount it in,

so I cut a hole the size of the flange in a small metal table that I had. This enabled the brake drum to sit on the table with the flange and fittings below it.

So this is my forge. I named it Isaac. And as soon as the storm passes, I’m gonna fire it up.

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