Band of angels…not angel band

When I posted “Cast your vote”, the choice was between jazz band and bluegrass band. Someone suggested that I make an angel band. Well, I’m not making an angel band, I’m making a jazz band. BUT, I am building a band of angels. I decided to participate in the ArtWalk, in Alexandria on October 5th. A big part of what I will bring will be metal angels. So I thought that I would give you a preview. They are made out of steel, truck hoods and copper. They’ve not all found a resting place…the stone yard was closed when I went. Anywho, enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Band of angels…not angel band

  1. Dian said she wants to know how much you intend to charge for an angel as she WANTS ONE. And how tall are they? If you’re still in the manufacturing business, she said she’d like one featuring a wild bird (not a dove). Ed

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