This morning while I was in the bathroom getting dressed I heard a gunshot. I pulled back the curtain and opened the window to find Josh with a riffle about to shoot again. Immediately I assumed that the hogs were back, but I yelled out, “What in the world was that!” Josh answered, “There’s a coyote trying to get your goats!” And then, BLAM, “I think I got him!” I quickly finished dressing and went out to meet Josh. Together we rode the golf cart around to check for any damage. The goats were fine and the chickens were fine.

But we did come upon a pile of guinea feathers, and the guineas were nowhere to be found. We then headed in the direction that the coyote was last seen.

Josh was right…he had not missed. It WAS a pretty animal. But pretty is as pretty does…right? Then we heard a noise, and a guinea flew out of a nearby tree and headed for the roof of the barn. Before long, another one joined it. Now there are only two.

Usually, the guineas travel pretty much the whole property. But not today…they’ve stayed close to the barn.

2 thoughts on “BLAM!!!!!!

  1. It was a full moon. We have heard lots of them but not so close. Sorry for your loss. The neighbors across the road fear for their new baby donkey…who is adorable..”The Duke”. Dian

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