Sure made me wonder…

Saturday evening we rode down Forestry Road where it parallels the lake. We took the boys with us. Nothing out of the ordinary happened…thank God.

They pretty much just hung out by the lake and explored a little.



They did pick up a few shells and

found some seed pods.

I walked across the road and visited

with the guys working the wild flowers.

Monday evening we took the boys out back

and let them build a fire.

























They had a good time getting the fire started

and watching it grow.

Then they experimented with catching the cattails on fire that we had collected by one of the ponds.

They even tried branding the pine trees.

One of the boys walked over to me and said, “Mammy, smell this. It smells like roasted cat.” Now, I know that recently they have had trouble with a stray cat hanging around their place, and I feel confident that they didn’t ‘put him in a pot’. But it sure made me wonder…….