I’ve discovered that if you’re not intentional about visiting with people, then you probably won’t do it. So even though I am past fifty, I schedule ‘play dates’ with my friends. This morning EARLY, Kerry and I had one of those play dates. We met at the lake to cook breakfast and watch the sunrise, although we weren’t sure what time that would take place. We beat the sun to the lake by an hour, but that was alright because we had to build a fire and cook. It didn’t take any time to get the fire started, and soon we had bacon in the cast iron skillet. So…

we decided to walk along the lake shore, and we did, until we thought about the bacon, which by that time was well done. Setting the bacon aside (because we would be eating it)

we threw some other stuff in the pot to use as a clincher for our eggs. When that was done, we scrambled our eggs, mixed it all together, plated it up

and sat down to eat.

We cleaned our plates…crispy bacon and all. By that time, across the lake,

an orange glow could be seen slowly rising above the trees.

So we watched,

and we took pictures

as a day began that had never been before.

I was taking a picture of the view behind us when I heard Kerry say, “Turn around and take a picture now! There’s a cross!” That’s when it ceased to be the sunrise.


Now it was the Sonrise. It reminded me that God puts His mark on each new day, whether we’re paying attention or not.

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