Fun at the deer camp

I had so much fun with Kerry at the lake Friday morning that I decided to do it again on Saturday…this time with Joel and the twins. Saturday morning before six Nikki sent me a text saying that the boys were up and dressed. We weren’t scheduled to leave until seven. Joel said, “Did you tell her to send them over?” I said, “Are you crazy? We’ll pick them up on our way out.” The way out took place about 6:30. As we headed toward the lake, Hudson said, “Isn’t the sky beautiful?” As we topped a hill, Denton said, “Wow, I can see Woodworth from here!” When Joel reminded him that we were in Woodworth, Denton replied, “Oh.”

After entering the gate at the lake, we stopped to pay the fee. Before daylight you are on the honor system. You get an envelope out of a box, put your money in and drop it in a slot in the door. While Joel was doing that Hudson yelled out, “There’s nobody in there!” I told him that we still needed to pay. Then he said, “You mean nobody controls this?”

On our way to where we would ‘set up camp’, we saw five deer. The boys were excited. They had brought with them guns that they had made out of sticks and blue painter’s tape. You see, they had already planned to hunt deer while we were cooking breakfast.

Joel started the fire,

and the boys ran to the lake. I heard one of them (it was dark and they were dressed alike) say, “This is the edge of the ocean!” The other one chimed in with, “Yes, and this is where the tide comes in!”

They had a grand time running along the water’s edge

and discussing the deer tracks that were in the sand. At one point, I heard Hudson say, “We must risk something to save our lives! Follow me!” Then he headed up the hill to the deer camp, which happened to be under the picnic table.

Just before breakfast was served, there was a disturbance in the deer camp. When I asked what was wrong,

Hudson said, “He made me get snot on my gun!” But, he wiped it off and went on. When breakfast was served,

Denton turned and said, “These are the best eggs I’ve ever had.” THANK GOD!

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