A little rain, a little snow, swing your partner, so si do.

This morning was our first full day in the Smokies. The weather see-sawed between the high thirties and low forties. There had been a snow storm up the mountain toward Newfound Gap…seventeen inches…so that road was closed. From Sugarlands to Treemont there was a little rain and a little snow, and that’s the area where we hung out.

We drove around

enjoying the scenery. The leaves have passed their peak but there is still a lot of color.

We stopped and walked around

in some of our favorite spots.

We walked down Middle Prong trail as far as the cascades.

We had snow the whole way.

Then we decided to walk up Chestnut Gap trail

for about a mile. About a quarter of a mile up, I got hot and started peeling off clothes.

By the time we were half way there I was down to my base layer…and that’s where Joel drew the line. My clothes ended up either in Joel’s pockets or hanging from my belt. When we returned to our car, we headed back to our cabin to cook supper and wait for Adam and Laura to come in. It was a good day.




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