A song in the err

Today was Thanksgiving dinner at Hudson and Denton’s school and Josh and Nikki were able to join them for the meal.  So…

guess who got to stay with me?  That’s right, Josie.

She sat in my lap for the first few minutes and we talked.

Then she watched me put up some fall decorations and after that,

she listened to her music and entertained herself for a while.  Recently we hung a swing on the sun porch, so

we decided to ride that for a while.  At first she sat in my lap,

but soon moved to her own spot on the swing.  We talked and listened to music on my phone, but it was my duet with Roy Clark  singing “Thank God And Greyhound You’re Gone”

that did her in.  A little later, it was my solo of the same song

that brought her back.  I really didn’t think I sounded that bad.

3 thoughts on “A song in the err

  1. She is precious and I love the different expressions, but the hand picture is just GREAT. It is so different than any you usually see. It would be perfect for framing. Love them all!

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