Living in a room divided

I have this triangular metal trellis that I brought inside and wrapped with colored lights for Christmas.  Last night I replaced the colored lights with white lights and added some English Ivy skeletons and grape vines.  My purpose was to create an interesting light feature.  (If they can do it on Pinterest, I can do it in Woodworth.) This is how it came out.


Then I decided to take some old doors that I have used for headboards and wall hangings and make a room divider.  I needed to put some feet on those doors in order to stand them up, so I cut and


I drilled and


I welded, until I had two feet for each door.  Then I installed the feet, stood the doors up, hung a painting on them and butted the sofa up to my new divider.  After moving around a few more objects, this is what I had.


Then, on the back side of the divider, I put an old drafting table


as a pedestal for one of my metal pieces. If you look at the room from this side of the divider


this is what you see.  I’m pleased with my ‘room divided’ and am wondering why it took me so long to think this up.

9 thoughts on “Living in a room divided

  1. Here we go again. . . . LOL it does look nice. . . wonder how long before i learn not to run into to this stuff during the night?

  2. Susan, this is fabulous…I am so pleased that you can create such exciting things.It looks like something from House Beautiful–warm and original. I always like things that stand away from walls–it makes rooms interesting.

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