Using up a rainy day

It has rained ALL day. I went to the market at Inglewood Plantation to get vegetables in the rain.  I fed the animals in the rain. I don’t like to clean house when it rains, so I decide to entertain myself by doing some open hearth cooking.  To tell you the truth, it probably wasn’t cold enough to have a fire.  But, you’ve gotta eat.  Right?  I decided to cook a small loin roast.  While the roast was thawing and the fire was making some really good coals, I went out to the shop to construct a make-shift tin oven.


I cut a couple of pieces of thin sheet metal


and pop riveted them together.  After adding a little flat bar for stability, I brought it inside


and positioned it on the hearth.  While I was in the kitchen stuffing the roast with garlic, Joel came in from outside, took one look at the fireplace and said the same five words that I have heard so many times: “Susan, what are you doing?”

After I finished seasoning the roast,


I hung it inside the tin oven and turned it till it browned really well and was pretty much done.


I removed it from the hook and put it in a dutch oven,


and put it back on the hearth to get tender.  It took a little time to do all this, but it sure used up the rest of a rainy day.