The corner of Earl and Josephine

It was twenty below this morning in Nikiski.


And, although some would say that temperatures like that


are for the birds, I’ve got to tell you that it’s never been warmer


at the Grouchy Old Woman Bed and Breakfast.

It is Sunday, and this morning at breakfast, there was some discussion over whether or not Blanche should go to church. She said, “Frankly, that just doesn’t appeal to me.”  Too bad, because it was pot luck lunch today at North Star Methodist Church.  So, Trish stayed with Blanche, and the rest of us headed to the church with a casserole and three loaves of freshly baked bread.  I enjoyed seeing Pastor Steve again and visiting with the other members.  I even met one lady who was raised in Morgan City, Louisiana.  (What are the chances?)

I’ve been working on my watercolor skills, and have completed two paintings.


Here is that shack in Old Town Kenai and


this is a female Pine Grosbeak on one of Mom’s feeders.  Tonight, I plan to get started on another painting.  I will tell ya, all is good


at the corner of Earl and Josephine.

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