Good looks and sunny disposition

I’m still walking pigeon-toed and flat-footed, only now


I can’t see my feet.  Last night it snowed for the first time since I’ve been here, so this morning


Lee shoveled off the deck. While he was doing that,


Al dropped by to clear the driveway.

I decided to walk down to the lake to visit the spot where I turned over the canoe and fell in when I was here in July.


Somehow, it wasn’t as I remembered it, so I walked back up the hill


to the house. Minx met me in the front yard


and we walked about a half mile together.  We were going to walk further, but I couldn’t feel my legs.  So, in the house we went, and I headed downstairs  to work.  This morning, before breakfast, I had started on a painting of the lake,


so I piddled with it for a while.  Then, like the previous days, we all loaded up and went into town for a bite to eat.  And, like the previous times, Blanche said, “Do I need my purse?”


And, like the previous times, Trish said, “No Grandma, you’re going to get by on your good looks and sunny disposition.”

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