Bless your hearts!

Last night it snowed again, so this morning Mom


went out on the deck to clean out the bird feeders.  She replaced the sunflower seeds


which seemed to make the birds very happy.  Al came over to clear the driveway

photo (37)

and came in for a cup of coffee.  It was nice to finally meet Al.DSCN1777-001

Lee went out and shoveled snow again.  I have to admit that


the landscape was beautiful with the fresh snow.


My art supplies were already in a box ready to be shipped, so painting was out.  So, what’s left to do, right?  Well, I’ll tell ya.


Trish, Lee and I got all dressed up,


pulled out the sleds,


walked to the top of the hill,


and had ourselves a fabulous time.


Well, at least I didn’t fall in the lake.

Then one last time,


we loaded up and went into town to get a bite to eat and run errands…


counting moose along the way.

Tonight, I leave for home, and I’m going to miss my Alaska family.  Thank you to all the characters who made my woodshedding trip a real joy.

photo (32)

Trish McFarlin,

photo (34)

Lee Edgerton,

photo (35)

Sharon “Mom” Brower,

photo (33)

Blanche “I sure hope somebody has a purse” Kuhlman and


Minx “Baby Girl”Brower.  I love you all, and… bless your hearts!

2 thoughts on “Bless your hearts!

  1. I’m sad you’re going home because I’ve loved your stories! I want to go stay at thr grouchy old woman’s b&b!!

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