The green, green grass of home

By Wednesday, things seemed to be coming back to me where my watercolor skills were concerned. I realized that I was about to cross over into……. the zone. But, I was scheduled to leave Thursday night. I decided to see what the difference in cost would be if I moved my departure date to Saturday.  So, I enlisted the help ofDSCN1806

my driver, tour guide, travel agent and sledding instructor – Trish McFarlin.  After about forty-five minutes, she was able to inform me that staying until Saturday would set me back one thousand five hundred dollars. I immediately came down with a case of anal glaucoma – I just could not see my rear end paying that kind of money.  Joel was happy that I had contracted the disease.  So, zone or no zone I would be sailing through the ozone come Thursday night.  And I did…not only Thursday night, but all day Friday.  My winter wonderland is now four thousand miles behind me, and I am walking on the green, green grass of home. But…it is good.

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