Consider yourself invited

As you know, I spent the last week in January at the Grouchy Old Woman Bed and Breakfast in Nikiski, Alaska.  It had been twenty years since I had worked with watercolors, and this was a woodshedding adventure to resurrect my skills. I now have a body of work together, and my first exhibit at A Bend in the Road Gallery opens in nine days.  The featured paintings are a result of that woodshedding adventure.  I would love for you to come by and see them.

                          CONSIDER YOURSELF INVITED!

One thought on “Consider yourself invited

  1. Susan, I was so excited to see Nikki, Josh, and Josie at the Lone Star Daylily meeting. I drove about an hour and 45 min from Bay City. We got to visit and I told Nikki that I was keeping up with your chicken blog since I bought the picture. She said you were coming along with your gallery. I hope to be able to see all your paintings when we come next time to see day lilies. And all the critters (which I love), and all your welding!!! Josh is so proud of your talents. Josh and Nikki are so proud of the kids–they are great parents. I enjoy them so much. Hope to see y’all soon. Love, Ruth

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