Sleeping with the chickens

I have only one guinea left, thanks to the coyotes, and it has been pacing around the hen house looking for a way to get (77)

This has been going on for weeks, and for weeks we have been trying to let the goofy thing in there with the chickens.  She’s not much of a people guinea, so when we would try to lend a helping hand she would run.  I thought that maybe I could catch her at night after she had gone to roost, but she had moved to different sleeping quarters.  I could not find where she was roosting…that is, until today.

photo (81)

Lately, she has been roosting on the roof of the hen house.  I never saw her up there, but she finally produced enough evidence to for me to figure it out…AND,  I came

photo (83)

this close to stepping in it. That’s when I decided that tonight she would be sleeping with the chickens.

photo (79)

So, I propped the gate open with a cage, and to it I connected one of those portable, collapsible  small animal fences.  Then I got her between all that and the hen house.  Instead of going through the hen house gate, she went into the cage.  She was not happy, but I managed to capture her in the cage and turn her loose in the hen house. I don’t know why I didn’t think of all that sooner.  But never the less, tonight…

photo (84)

she’s sleeping with the chickens.

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