One man’s trash

Time to move on to other projects, so yesterday Donna and I went to the scrap iron yard for art supplies.


Sometimes you can find some really interesting stuff if you dig around enough.  I found some gears that I wanted, but they were attached to pipes and had to be cut off.


The nice guys that work the yard loaded up the pipes


and cut the gears off for me. They were going to have to do that anyway in order to sell the pipe.

While they were doing that,


I relaxed in the comfort of their outdoor lounge.


I’m not sure how I’m going to use the things…..they just had fun written all over them.

I also got some square tubing, which was new, and I picked up a few other pieces


and piled them on the scale.  So, now its time to cut and paste.  Isn’t it funny how one man’s trash is another woman’s treasure?

2 thoughts on “One man’s trash

  1. Those pipe handle thingys look like flowers to me…Susan. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them. 🙂

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