On the road again

We left at six this morning on our journey to the mountains. About six hours later, in a little town just outside Meridian, Mississippi, we saw a sign for a store that was on the historic registry. We said, “What the heck, let’s check it out.”

So we did. The Simmons-Wright Company has operated as a general/mercantile store since 1884.

It’s a fascinating place to wander through. It was a little chilly in there, and seemingly the only heat

comes from this thing. I saw things that I have not seen in years.

Then, I noticed something that sent my mind back to Alaska…to the day

that Trish, Lee and I slid down that hill, right up to Jennifer’s garage. (No matter where you go, there you are.)
The place served breakfast and lunch, and while we were there they took some chocolate chip cookies out of the oven. Joel bought four…two for each of us.
We left there and drove through parts of Alabama and Georgia before reaching Tennessee. About 6:30 this evening

we checked into a Hampton Inn about thirty minutes past Chattanooga. We only have a hundred miles to drive tomorrow.

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