I ate my lunch at the company store

We made it back to Woodworth around five yesterday evening. I don’t mind telling you, I was glad to be back. I’m not much for riding in a car for hours on end. When we crossed the Alabama/Mississippi line it was time for lunch, and we thought about that Simmons – Wright Company store that we had visited on Saturday.

We had not forgotten that they serve lunch so,

We decided to pay those nice people a visit. They had a variety to choose from,

but we opted for the fish. Everything was cooked fresh, and I especially enjoyed the collard greens.

While we ate we visited with the store owner. Just so you’ll know, this is the only picture I have of him. We did not put him to sleep…he blinked.
If you are ever passing through Kewanee, Mississippi and it happens to be lunch time, I highly recommend the food at the Simmons-Wright Company store.

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