It didn’t make a bit of difference

This morning Joel and I, and Josh and Nikki and their bunch headed for

this place. Our mission was to let the twins play in the water.
We drove through the forest to a certain place

where the Azalea Trail crosses the forest road. Then we parked and began the ten minute walk to our destination. Dogwood petals

were strewn along the beginning of the trail. It was almost as if it had been expecting us.
The boys had brought their bathing suits, so as soon as we reached the creek

they changed and took off into the water.

They kept their sister pretty well entertained.
Josh got in

and took the boys exploring. Then,

he sort of baptized them…face down. I would have posted the video, but Hudson’s pants fell off during the ordeal.
Joel and I

joined Hudson and Denton and Josh, but

Joel didn’t stay in too long because he got cold feet…literally.

Cold or no cold, I had a fabulous time.
We stayed for about an hour and then

headed back. Josie got tired of the stroller

so Joel

and I took turns carrying her.
Two roads diverged in a wood and ….

we took them both. And, it didn’t make a bit of difference.

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