Done…and before lunch

Yesterday evening not long before dark Donna and I were returning home from having dinner with friends. We were about half way down the driveway when I noticed Willow eating clover, which would have been fine had she been in her pen. THANK GOODNESS it was clover and not daylilies. I put her back in the pen and noticed that she had made another big hole

in some chicken wire and crawled through, with Rose and Jasmine right behind her. Then, the best I can figure, she got on top of the sink and jumped over the gate. The last time that she tried to pull something like that she broke her leg, and $900 later she was good as new.
Well, I dragged my 55 gallon barrel of chicken manure in front of the hole and hoped beyond all hope that they would behave until morning. And they did.
As soon as Home Depot opened,

I bought ten pieces of 5/4″ decking, some lag bolts and a box of nails. Then, I started to work on a new fence.



The twins showed up and

offered a little help. But, before I realized what was going on, they found my camera and had themselves a fabulous time.


At one point, I turned around to find Hudson with the camera, trying to take advantage of what he obviously perceived to be a wonderful photo opportunity. He was holding the camera as close to Willow’s rear end as he possibly could and still be in focus. I wish I had a picture to post, but, like I said, he had the camera.
Then, he discovered the hose and wanted to know if he could give the goats a bath. I explained to him that goats don’t like water.
About fifteen minutes later, I caught him peeing in the feed trough. I said, “I can’t believe you!” He shut if off and ran to the pasture yelling, “I need to hurry!”
All the while, I’m trying to build my fence.

And, I got it built….before lunch. It was worth the time and money. As a matter of fact, the cost was less than just one of those blooming daylilies … which, by the way, cost the same even if they aren’t blooming.
As we were leaving the barn, one of the goats was peeing in the dirt. Hudson walked over to her and said,”I can’t believe you!”

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