Life on the farm

This morning while I was at the feed store, I decided to buy

a new float valve for the little pond in the pen where Sassafras and the ducks stay. Before you leave the store it’s always a good idea to take a gander at the instructions

to see if you need any parts that are not included. I probably don’t need to tell you that that did not happen…but, that did not happen. Sooooo, I had to drive back into town to get parts that I needed to connect the float valve to the water source.
I went to Home Depot and spent some quality time on the isle with the PVC fittings trying to figure how to put together something that would work. All the while I’m thinking, “Adapters and couplings and elbows, oh my.”

I finally figured it out and came on home. I went out to the shop

and made something to hang the float valve on,

which I then had to pound into the ground. That kinda turned out to be a deal, but I got-r-done.

I had already glued the PVC stuff together, so I just had to attach the float valve to the post.

I thought I did pretty good….I mean, for a girl.
But, there’s something else that you need to know. Earlier, I had put Polk Salad Annie in that pen with Sassafras. They had gotten acquainted a few days ago, so I thought that I would go ahead and move Annie outside. WELL, Sassafras chased Annie all over that little yard until Annie jumped in the pond and hid under the overhanging bank. I got her out, and everything calmed down. I figured that I’d just give them a little time to work things out.
About the time that I got the PVC fittings glued together (the rabbits had been together a couple of hours) Sassafras took out after Annie again. Annie took cover in the pond again. This time, I had to wade in and get her out. Well, I almost didn’t get her out because I got bogged down in the mud, and one of those suctions formed. I was afraid that I was going to be there a while, but I lost my balance and fell onto the bank, releasing the suction…but not the rabbit.
Poor Annie was terrified. I brought her back to the house and put her in her cage.

I finally got the mud washed off of my feet. But, I wasn’t the only one with mud on their feet.

Bless her little heart.

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