I’ll be John Brown

This morning I bought one of those corner shelving units for my utility room.

It came in a box, so there was obviously some assembly required. And that box weighed about 75 pounds. I managed to get it from the shelf, to the cart, to the car, to my living room, by myself.
Then I opened the box and got out the instructions, since I have been told that prior planning and preparation prevent poor performance.

After I completed step one and was about to start step two, it occurred to me that I was following instructions for the wrong unit. Imagine that.

I found the real step one and started all over. Why you would include instructions in a box for something that isn’t even in the box is beyond me.
When I finally got on the right track, the thing went together pretty well. I screwed the wheels into the bottom and rolled it to the utility room door. I’LL BE JOHN BROWN IF THE THING WASN’T TOO WIDE TO FIT THROUGH THAT DOORWAY! My only choice, if I didn’t want to call for help, was

to take the door off its hinges. And that’s what I did.
It was still a tight fit…but it fit.

I rolled it over and positioned it in it’s corner. I don’t mind tellin’ ya…I’m sure glad I got that box checked.

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