I hope that’s the way it stays

This morning I went down to the barn to feed the goats

and see what I could rearrange that might keep Willow off the barbecue pit. I decided to take down this feed trough,

which was in a stall next to the gate,

and relocate it in a place where it could not be used as a step ladder. I also took out

this little trough for the same purpose. I think that Willow knew that I was on to her tricks,

because she took notice of the remodel. I hope this solves the problem. Keep your fingers crossed.
Josh is the main speaker at a regional daylily conference this weekend. So, this afternoon he and Nikki and Josie left for Alabama. The twins didn’t go…guess where they are. When they came over with their stuff, Denton said, “We have to stay with you for a while. Momma and Daddy had to go somewhere to preach about daylilies.”

They played in the yard for a while.


But, before long it started to rain.

We had planned to build a fire outside and cook hamburgers. Since that wasn’t going to happen,

we made a fire in the house and went on with our bad selves. Everyone enjoyed their hamburger. That is, everyone but Hudson.

When he wasn’t looking, Matilda ate his.
They asked me where they were going to sleep. I told them that they would be on a pallet in my room. Denton said that he just wasn’t into sleeping on the floor, so I got out the blow up bed. That way, they are on the floor…but not really. And, they’re not in my room.

I hope that’s the way it stays.

5 thoughts on “I hope that’s the way it stays

  1. Love all your stories, Susan! Still pretty sure you were adopted, though. I know your talent doesn’t come from the Glass family!!

    • I’m pretty sure I’m not adopted. I have plenty of other family traits. Just release your inner wild. That’s what I do.

  2. Jane turned me on to your blog, Susan. I love it. Your pictures and humor are great. (Sue, Jane’s sister)

  3. Sue, thanks for reading the Chicken Chronicles. I’m glad you enjoy the blog. I have been blessed with plenty of good material to work with.

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