The circus is back in town

This morning I went to Forest Hill to one of the nurseries and bought some lantana

to put in a tire planter that I made yesterday and hung on the corner of the hen house.
After that, Donna and I

got our cowgirl hats and headed to the market.

Debbie and Mrs. Phyllis were there and so were

Lisa and John Delaney. I found out that Lisa has recently purchased a loom and gone to weaving. I’m going to have to pay her a visit and check out her creations.

They were handing out free cucumber samples, which the girl said tasted like summer. She was right, and I bought a couple of them. I also got a bag

of broccolini among other things.
After we got home, I worked in the garden for a bit.

I hoed around some of the vegetables, and noticed that it won’t be long

until we are picking some squash.
About that time Jane called for me to come over. She loves gardening,

and has a beautiful place. Recently I learned that she is also an avid furniture rearranger, thus the reason for her call.

I had agreed to help her take her dining table apart so she could turn her dining area into a sitting area.

And that’s just what I did. We had us a fabulous time moving furniture and visiting. Then, not long after that,

the circus came back to town.

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