Consider the lilies

After an unusually cool spring, it’s beginning to get a little warm and humid here in Woodworth, Louisiana.

The ducks are in and out of the water all day, so its entirely possible that they are the only ones around here that know what to do in this heat. That is, unless you’re one of those who sits in the air conditioning all day long. That can be tempting, but you just miss too much.
A friend of ours was watching some wild horses graze in the forest one day, and he said, “God gives us so many beautiful things to look at”. He was right, but you can’t look at it if you stay in the house.
The daylilies are in full bloom, so I would like to share some of the beautiful things on our property that God has given us to look at…just for today.







“Consider the lilies…even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.” (Matthew 6:28,29)

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