They have curb appeal

I can’t allow the chickens to roam free. Well, I can…and I have, but they have gotten me in so much trouble. The vegetable gardens, Josh’s lilies and Joel’s flower beds are temptations that they can’t seem to get a grip on. So today, I decided to make them a little lawn.

I built a frame out of treated 2×4’s and positioned it in their pen. Then, before I left for water ballet, I filled the frame with top soil. I knew better. As soon as I closed the gate,

those birds began having themselves a fabulous time.
When I got home, I just added an little more dirt,

then went to the back of the property to dig up some grass.

When I thought that I had dug up enough, I came back and installed it in the frame.

and covered the frame with wire. That way, they can eat the grass, but not scratch it up.

I watered it in good, and as soon as the hose was turned off,

they knew just what to do.

Now they have curb appeal.

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