The best cereal

Last week I shared that I helped Jane turn her dining room into a sitting room. And in case inquiring minds want to know,

this is how it turned out. She can sit there, drink her coffee, and enjoy her beautiful cottage gardens without even going out in this heat.
Last night I asked her if I could come this morning and take pictures around her place. I told her that I would be there if it wasn’t raining.
When I headed that direction, I wasn’t too sure what the weather had in mind.

As I drove along the road that followed the bayou,

it began to sprinkle a little. But I decided that there is no such thing as a day that is not beautiful, so I continued on my way.
After I arrived at Jane’s little piece of heaven, it only sprinkled briefly, so I was able to have myself a fabulous photographic face off with the flora (and what it surrounded).
So, here’s what I saw.











Then she hollered out the back door and asked if I wanted breakfast. Well, what do you think I said?

Cereal was the day’s special, and you know what?

I believe that was just about the best cereal I have ever had.

6 thoughts on “The best cereal

    • I tried putting ceramic tile around a bath tub and it really kicked my rear. Had to call a professional.

  1. Beautiful photos! So happy that I know someone that has made your blog two times! Jane I guess you really rate. Lurline

  2. Thank you for sharing,Susan. Although I have been there countless times, you helped me to see through different eyes.

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